lunedì 11 ottobre 2010

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Corleone 10-10-10

Today, we woke up early to eat a delicious and nutritious breakfast consisting of bread, Nutella, cookies, milk, jam, tea, and of course – coffee. After breakfast we cleaned the entire house, including all of the floors, the entire kitchen, and the bathrooms. Then, we all left to Ficuzza where we toured the royal villa of Borboni, where he lived his life hunting after he was exiled. After leaving the vacation home, we went next door to see an exhibit of birds and turtles. Some birds in this bird museum are going extinct and need the care of the bird specialists to continue the species. We then came back to Casa Caponnetto to eat a typical Sicilian dish of pasta al forno (baked pasta) and then after we ate our first Sicilian Canolis. Then, we went on a walking tour of Corleone. We saw the town hall, the center square, and multiple Catholic Churches. After that tour, we went to the headquarters of the Corleone Anti-Mafia movement, Museo della Legalita. There were many symbolic paintings depicting the history of the Anti-Mafia movement, and also a video that we watched during the peak of the mafia domination within Corleone. By seeing this complete tour, we could understand the value of land, property, and legality. This made the group more aware of the importance of working against the Mafia and those who take advantage of law abiding citizens. After an enlightening day of Sicilian history, we all went to Black and White Bar for pizza, soda, and French fries. It was a good bonding experience for all.

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